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distributed fiber optic sensing

FOSA announces the runner-up and winner of its annual FOSA Project Awards – SAMM Teknoloji for its Earthquake Early Warning System, and a collaboration between Dura-Line and LUNA for Using Fiber for Situational Awareness Along Roadways

FOSA announced the election of four board members, as well as its officer slate for 2024, at the organization’s Annual Meeting in December

The Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA) announced the winners of its annual Champion of Innovation Award. FOSA selected Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and J.D. Vance (R-OH) based on their extraordinary leadership in the 118th Congress toward enhancing the safety and security of the U.S. rail system. Distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS), FOSA’s technology focus, is ideally suited to applications in rail where fiber optic cables running parallel to tracks improve safety through detection of pedestrians, monitoring of freight and passenger traffic, and immediate detection and locational pinpointing of both track and rolling stock defects.

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opening a subsidiary in the United States quickly became essential to strengthen our presence in this region….Already present in Europe and Africa, FEBUS Optics has seen an increase in projects in North America, South America, the Middle East, and Asia

OFS groundbreaking technology is set to redefine the boundaries of Brillouin scattering based distributed fiber sensing. Dual-Brillouin-peak single-mode optical fiber can measure both strain and temperature at the same time

The LIOS DE.TECT linear heat detection system can monitor up to 10 km of conveyor belt and provides fast and accurate information about overheating before a fire develops,

Institute of Engineering Geodesy and Measurement Systems, Graz University of Technology, started together with the project partners AIT and ACI Monitoring the distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) measurements at the Aurachbruecke.

Austrian Federal Railway OeBB celebrated the final breakthrough on the Styrian side of the Semmering Base Tunnel

first direct pipeline full-length strain profile monitoring in the North American oil and gas industry

Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection is a reliable tool for detecting fires on a photovoltaic installation….case study in Badajoz, Spain

Advancing the development of effective leak detection systems is critical to improving pipeline safety and preventing methane releases and other hazardous materials releases. Toward this objective, FOSA strongly supports a PHMSA pipeline safety and test facility

The unique aspect of NIS’s technology, which focuses on the physical protection of data communication networks