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Public Policy

FOSA Public Policy

Fiber optic sensing can help protect our environment, infrastructure, critical facilities and borders.

Contact your Senators and Representative to urge them to include funding for this remarkable technology in relevant legislation. To identify your Members of Congress, go to and

Briefing Papers

FOSA Electric Grid Briefing Paper 2023

FOSA Border Security Briefing Paper 2022

FOSA Pipeline Briefing Paper 2022

FOSA Rail Briefing Paper 2022

FOSA Surface Transportation Briefing Paper FINAL Dec 2022


Principles and Positions

FOSA Position Paper_Pipelines_Surface Trans_120219

FOSA Position Paper Border and Critical Infrastructure 120219

FOSA Public Policy Positions

FOSA Public Policy Principles

Public Policy Files

FOSA Comments Pipeline Safety 081623

FOSA Ltr to FHWA re Tunnel Safety 02 22 23

FOSA Comments TSA Docket No. TSA20220001 020123

FOSA rulemaking letter to DOT Secretary 7 25 22

FOSA NTIA BB comment_

FOSA NTIA BB comment_ (1)

Senate FY22 Homeland Security Approps Provisions of Interest to FOSA

FOSA Comments Pipeline Safety 04062020

FOSA Ltr to Biden Administration re Border Security May 2021_

FOSA Infrastructure Letter to Secretary Buttigieg 03 26 21

FOSA Automated Vehicles Comprehensive Plan Comments 032221

FOSA Dig Once Comment 09142020 (1)

FOSA State Dig Once Policies

FOSA Dig Once Primer

USACE Levee Safety comment 07272020

FOSA Letter Support S. 2299 073119

FOSA Support Safety Pilot Programs 062519EC

Multi-Trade Association Smart Technology Infrastructure Letter 042919

FOSA Letter LGDS House Appropriations Committee 032919

FOSA Letter LGDS Senate Appropriations Committee 032919

FOSA Letter LGDS Senate Homeland Security 032919

FOSA Letter LGDS House Homeland Security Committee 032919

FOSA Letter Fiber Optic Sensing for Smart Infrastructure House of Representatives 3.27.2019

FOSA Letter Fiber Optic Sensing for Smart Infrastructure Senate 3.27.2019

Fiber Optic Sensing Association Comments_PHMSA Gas Pipeline Advisory Com.._

FOSA Comments Voluntary Information Sharing System Working Group 022518FOSA Letter 02142018 Oversight of Positive Train Control Implementation