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first direct pipeline full-length strain profile monitoring in the North American oil and gas industry

Cracking in clay is an important phenomenon that affects the long-term durability of many civil structures such as dams, levees, embankments, and landfills….Distributed fiber optic sensors (DFOS) were embedded…for strain monitoring

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)…results demonstrate that φ-OTDR can be used to quantitatively measure strain in roads associated with events as small as a dog walking on the surface.

Connect with Fiber Broadband Association

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UC Berkeley presentation at the 12th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering – recent advances in sensor & communication technologies improve the monitoring methods for infrastructure assessment.

smart infrastructure is crucial to preventing, which is why [Kenichi Soga] was awarded the Bakar Prize for developing monitoring systems that utilize dynamic distributed fiber optic sensing technology.

“Repeatability precision error analysis of the distributed fiber optic strain monitoring” is the result of collaborative work between CSIC and UC Berkeley. It focuses on the precision error of distributed fiber optic sensor (DFOS)

California Energy Commission has invested resources in finding innovative ways to monitor future offshore wind infrastructure and its impacts on the environment. A project led by LBNL is looking at if distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS)

innovative sources of real-world data to calibrate a widely used empirical relationship in traffic engineering….relationship between traffic volume and speed….This would benefit the transportation planning by pinpointing the bottlenecks

UCB researchers have been working closely with engineers…to identify and evaluate technologies that can assess the structural health of wind turbine towers….Supported by…[FOSA member] Optasense, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) was also put to the test.