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Soga Research Group

first direct pipeline full-length strain profile monitoring in the North American oil and gas industry

Cracking in clay is an important phenomenon that affects the long-term durability of many civil structures such as dams, levees, embankments, and landfills….Distributed fiber optic sensors (DFOS) were embedded…for strain monitoring

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)…results demonstrate that φ-OTDR can be used to quantitatively measure strain in roads associated with events as small as a dog walking on the surface.

Connect with Fiber Broadband Association

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US Army Corps of Engineers is currently implementing a levee improvement project,,,,With support from the National Science Foundation and USACE, the [Berekely Engineering] research team embedded optical fiber sensors

UCB researchers have been working closely with engineers…to identify and evaluate technologies that can assess the structural health of wind turbine towers….Supported by…[FOSA member] Optasense, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) was also put to the test.