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“We are honored to continue our partnership with InfraGard National Members Alliance and support their efforts to eradicate human trafficking,…

Verizon and NEC Corporation…demonstrate intelligent fiber optic sensing over OFCnet at OFC 2023….Fiber optic sensing one of the live demos…

FOSA Smart Cities Committee Chair Dr. Giovanni Milione, NEC, was a member of the expert roundtables associated with this CSIS paper: how to promote best governance practices and ensure preferred technologies and standards for global smart cities

Connect with Fiber Broadband Association

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distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) system….increased backscatter intensity from AcoustiSens fiber, interrogators can now remotely monitor facilities, backhauled through long metro distances, without significant degradation of signal integrity

NEC Intelligent Optical Fiber Sensing Solution…allows Communications Service Providers and optical fiber owners from around the world to utilize optical fiber as a sensor. This solution contributes to infrastructure maintenance by using AI to analyze vibrations detected with optical fibers

researchers at NEC have shown it is possible to monitor traffic using “lit” fiber after separating out sensor and telecom data. Giovanni Milione of NEC Laboratories America, and colleagues used such fiber in Dallas and New Jersey to record the speed of cars as accurately as can be done with cameras