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Fiber Optic Sensing based pipeline leak detection and location software is possibly the most important technological development in pipeline leak detection in recent years. Inclusion of DFOS in the latest revisions of the API RPs is a testimony to the technology’s contribution to leak detection

FOSA announced the three winners of its first Innovation and Project Awards, Fotech, Hifi, and Optasense. The award’s presentation to the honorees was made in Washington at the association’s annual member meeting.

Involve non-traditional providers, especially infrastructure owners with long rights-of-way. Encourage states and other program participants to establish and maintain mechanisms for tracking….Encourage fiber optic cable conduits to be used to enable future cable installation.

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FOSA, the nation’s premier trade association dedicated to fiber optic sensing, announced the election of four board members, as well as its officer slate for 2022, at the organization’s Annual Meeting in December

Distributed acoustic sensing is one way that fiber optic sensing systems are now being used to monitor infrastructure and detect unexpected activity in challenging environments….In addition to acoustic sensing, fiber optic sensors can also monitor temperature, strain, pressure, vibration

FOSA selected Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and John Katko (R-NY) based on their extraordinary leadership in the 117th Congress toward enhancing the safety and security of U.S. critical infrastructure with advanced technology.

use existing fiber optic cables to measure vibrations, strain, and temperature. Applications range from monitoring pipeline breaks to measuring cable strain to detecting people to counting traffic

researchers at NEC have shown it is possible to monitor traffic using “lit” fiber after separating out sensor and telecom data. Giovanni Milione of NEC Laboratories America, and colleagues used such fiber in Dallas and New Jersey to record the speed of cars as accurately as can be done with cameras

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01) and Smart Cities Caucus Chair Yvette D. Clarke (NY-09) introduced the Smart Cities and Communities Act to promote the use of smart city technologies and enhance federal coordination of these programs. This legislation is endorsed by FOSA.

FOSA Chairman Kent Wardley’s March 26, 2021 letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg making recommendations for the Biden Administration’s infrastructure proposal.

FOSA wrote Secretary Buttigieg: “FOSA recommends that the Transportation Department track, in a publicly available format, the availability and location of ‘fiber-enabled’ interstate roadways.

FOSA announces the election of five board members, as well as its officer slate for 2021. FOSA is committed to protecting infrastructure with advanced, innovative technologies, and is a go-to resource for learning about fiber optic sensing to improve safety and productivity