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Fiber Optic Sensing - page 2

Corning Inc announced plans…to build a new optical cable manufacturing plant in Arizona….latest in a series of investments the company has made

Smartpipe Technologies…received a $6.6 million investment…for the company’s innovative pipeline technology, designed to improve the safety and versatility of existing pipeline infrastructure

FEBUS Optics’ G1-C has been designed to provide quick and easy distributed temperature and strain sensing (DTS & DSS) for easy transportation and mobility.

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Distributed acoustic sensing is one way that fiber optic sensing systems are now being used to monitor infrastructure and detect unexpected activity in challenging environments….In addition to acoustic sensing, fiber optic sensors can also monitor temperature, strain, pressure, vibration

use existing fiber optic cables to measure vibrations, strain, and temperature. Applications range from monitoring pipeline breaks to measuring cable strain to detecting people to counting traffic

AP Sensing’s sensor cables are specifically optimized to detect thermal radiation and are sensitive to both radiation and convection….confirmed in many fire tests….extraordinary feature “Fire Monitoring”…all AP Sensing sensor cables are tested for their functional integrity as per IEC 60331-25

Trends in Structural Health Monitoring for the Oil and Gas Market on-demand webinar

Security InfoWatch talk with JJ Williams, Regional Director for OptaSense (and past FOSA Chairman) on the company’s perimeter security product line.

NEC Intelligent Optical Fiber Sensing Solution…allows Communications Service Providers and optical fiber owners from around the world to utilize optical fiber as a sensor. This solution contributes to infrastructure maintenance by using AI to analyze vibrations detected with optical fibers

Podcast: the application of fiber optic sensing to support leak detection in pipelines, how fiber optic technology can support the delivery of real-time data for decision-making

US Army Corps of Engineers is currently implementing a levee improvement project,,,,With support from the National Science Foundation and USACE, the [Berekely Engineering] research team embedded optical fiber sensors