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Distributed Acoustic Sensing

“We’re excited to welcome globally recognized scientists, leading technology developers in fiber optic sensing, and our valued FOSA members to the historic city of Graz, Austria,” said FOSA member and meeting host Dr. Werner Lienhart.  The event, themed “Fiber Optic Sensing Development, Commerce and the Greater Good” brings technology and industry leaders together for a visionary exchange including technology presentations, networking plus fiber optic sensing-focused laboratory and field tours in and around Graz, Austria, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Utah Department of Transportation uses fiber optic cable buried alongside the road to monitor roadways in real time by detecting acoustic events in the vicinity of the fiber, like crashes, avalanches, vehicle speeds and travel times

technology that uses the properties of light combined with the material properties of fibre optic cables to measure acoustic vibrations along the cable length

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The combination of DTGS with the DAS FEBUS A1 and high frequency DAS (flow, tube vibrations) allows simultaneous and real-time qualification and quantification of leaks in wells.

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)…results demonstrate that φ-OTDR can be used to quantitatively measure strain in roads associated with events as small as a dog walking on the surface.

FOSA announced the three winners of its first Innovation and Project Awards, Fotech, Hifi, and Optasense. The award’s presentation to the honorees was made in Washington at the association’s annual member meeting.

AP Sensing’s Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology was recently deployed by Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) to monitor the power cable link.

AP Sensing’s technology was deployed by RTE to monitor a 225 kV underground power cable link located in the west of France

Tech Talk looks at how to achieve improved distributed acoustic and vibration sensing using optical fiber with continuous, grating-enhanced backscattering, sponsored by OFS

AP Sensing’s fifth generation DAS system builds upon leading measurement capabilities with the superiority of unique 2P Squared technology….35 years of experience and thousands of systems installed worldwide

OptaSense having instrumented more than 25,000 km of pipes-including the 1850 km of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline running across Turkey.