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The AP Sensing tree planting initiative, called Passion for Plants, is intended to be a long-term partnership with WeForest. “Malawi Mulanje is a relatively new project, so we hope to contribute to this specific project for a long time, ” explained Clemens Pohl.

An AP Sensing Distributed Temperature Sensing solution was selected to monitor a pipeline transporting reservoir water in northern Germany….This pipeline is used to transport deposit water. The water cannot be discarded above ground due to its natural, slight radioactivity

AP Sensing was selected by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to provide a Linear Heat Detection solution to monitor its phase III underground tunnel project. Specifically,…for monitoring hot spots, tunnel temperatures which vary during congestion and other ventilation system operation modes.

Connect with Fiber Broadband Association

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Governor Cuomo abandoned plans for a 15-month shutdown of the Canarsie Tunnel….The team consulted with Kenichi Soga, Berkeley professor of civil engineering and a leader in developing fiber optics to detect potential vulnerabilities in large-scale infrastructure projects.

Fiber Optic Sensing Association elects new board members, Mike Hines of OFS succeeds J.J. Williams of OptaSense as chairman of the FOSA

Great to see TMX pipe going in the ground along with the Hifi Engineering conduit for fiber optic based high fidelity dynamic sensing for preventative leak detection

Scientists discovered California’s newest known offshore faults by borrowing a garden hose-size fiber optic cable that spans the seafloor of Monterey Bay and turning it into an ad-hoc seismic array….

Working from a beachside shack on California’s Monterey Bay, Nate Lindsey fired a stream of infrared laser pulses down a long fiber-optic cable extending onto the ocean floor. The miles-long cable had been there for a decade…but Lindsey, a geoscientist at UC Berkeley, was trying something new

AP Sensing…recently received funding from the Department for Transport as part of Network Rail’s R&D program….sensors will tap into Network Rail’s existing fiber optic cable network using AP Sensing’s Distributed Acoustic/Vibration Sensing

In a trial that may have a large impact on smart cities, Verizon teamed up with NEC to test fiber sensing on its existing fiber network.

In today’s world, access control and physical security also play a key role in securing critical information for financial, medical, government, public infrastructure and private data center users….OptaSense’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System….utilizes one strand of a single mode…fiber

The Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA) called for the federal government and the pipeline industry to work together to establish a pipeline safety test facility in the United States.