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AP Sensing Invests in New Tree Planting Initiative

The AP Sensing tree planting initiative, called Passion for Plants, is intended to be a long-term partnership with WeForest. “Malawi Mulanje is a relatively new project, so we hope to contribute to this specific project for a long time and see the progress in the years to come,” explained Clemens Pohl. WeForest utilizes a scientific approach to restoring forests, which ensures maximum survival of the trees planted, carbon sequestration and a forest ecosystem that functions as it did before deforestation. A healthy forest in this area also supports local agriculture, affects the soil and local water supply, and has an economic impact on the region. Besides tree planting, agroforestry takes place in Malawi to train local communities and properly protect the forest. Alternative sources of income are generated for local farmers through the harvesting of fruit, mushrooms and honey.

So, why did AP Sensing specifically choose to plant trees? Well, the benefits of tree planting have been proven to be widespread. Reforestation is vital to climate protection, as trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen.  In addition to climate protection, reduced CO2 emissions, and forest restoration, trees also contribute to air quality, water supply, plant and animal species and ecosystems, job creation and overall human health. Tree planting is a solution with countless benefits that feed-back directly into caring for the planet.
AP Sensing Invests in New Tree Planting Initiative
AP Sensing News January 24, 2020
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